Ray Ban Sunglasses Colorful Film Glass Lens Men's Fashion Sunglasses Trendy Ladies Mirror RB8313 Polarized Light Brown Ray-ban pays special attention to the design and details of each model. Is committed to creating the most comfortable for you to wear experience. Ray-ban metal frame has adjustable nose care. If the sunglasses are prone to fall from the nose, too close to the face, come to the sideburns or cheeks, or both sides feel Narrow, you can adjust the nose to make the frame completely fit. In order to meet the special needs of Asians, Ray-ban developed and created the Asian version of the acetate fiber and nylon frame.

These are tailor-made for the Asian style, respectively, from the lens shape, mirror curvature, mirror legs and nose to do on the adjustment. more Nice fit Asian face, wearing extremely comfortable.

Ray Ban Sunglasses RB3561

Classic square all-metal profile, the new ultra-thin thin plate mirror legs, with a classic Havana color plate plastic jacket. Frame color included : Exquisite gold, black and silver, and several new rich colors, including bronze, light bronze and moderate color Bronze color. High quality lenses, color options are also dazzling: classic green, polarized green, blue gradient, Gray and bright copper gradient and several soft multi-color gradient.

Lightning Mirror RX7118F Charming Pantos Circle plate style, shiny levels and full of modern colors, redefine Raymond Modern Optics Mirror design, filling the city's influx of fashion charm.

The sunglasses are being tested at the Quicksilver Pro and Roxy Pro surfing tournaments under the auspices of Australia's Gold Beach, a test that shows the intention of Visa and the target market for this product. "Sunglasses payment is one of the best ways to reflect the needs of users, and in addition to sunglasses and mobile payment rings, we can make it impossible for us to go shopping without a wallet," said Chris Curtin, director of Visa and Creative Marketing at Visa.